13 Feb 2016

The Domain demo has been out for a couple of days. To kick this off with a bang the real Domain are gonna play a crazy show tonight in Mannheim. Also on the bill are MINDSET, INSIST, STATEMENT X and REFLECT. Spirits are high!


Flyer by Domain’s own Fabio. Meanwhile listen to the demo:

Get your copy of the tape HERE.

On another note: It’s Rollins 55th birthday today.

Peace out, Dom!


19 Oct 2014

Inhale Power
Exhale Force
– Rollins Band


20 May 2014

We’ve been doing only one show in 2013, mostly due to not having the usual venue, laziness on our part & various other life circumstances. So in 2014 we wanted to change that. Even though we’ve taken the first couple of months slow, with Fabian playing semi-regularely with Skaggs, Sharon being busy lifting weights and me getting my running back on track. But I guess now it’s coming along.

Upcoming Power & Equality shows:

... skaggs breakout

25 Feb 2014

The German version of the Skaggs “promo” tapes are now finally available online. If you wanna stream all their songs check their bandcamp!

Skaggs Promo Tape

Thanks to a weekend in January the amount of shows that Skaggs have played in Germany is almost the same as the amount of shows they’ve played in the UK. This coming weekend you can catch them live at Mongrel Fest in Sheffield, causing havoc and making people skank.

Mongrel Fest

Up next is their first bavarian show on March 17th at the Jugendhaus in Erlangen. I’m siked.

... the return

16 Feb 2014

Over the course of the past months there have been some things happening here at P&E hq.

what’s gonna happen

There’s a 7” coming out by a band called Insider. Keep your eyes open for this one. This is a collaboration with The Essence. A one time press of 200 singles in total. More infos soonish!

In the next couple of days the remaining copies of the Skaggs German Promo Tape are gonna be available online. Check back if you didn’t have the chance to see them on their short weekend trip in January. While you’re at it, check their bandcamp!

Republik Skagos

More stuff is coming in the next few weeks. If you need a Power & Equality Cro-Mags shirt get at me!

unity yo

in other news

Finally this website has been finished. I’ve been keeping never finished todo lists, ever since my server with the wordpress blog (literally) went bust in spring 2012. Now I finally got around doing it.

If you’re feeling it, have a look at the Power & Equality bigcartel.

it's the limit flashback

01 Feb 2014

Found this old gem on my harddisk. Pawel is the man!!!